27:24 video

Curvy redhead Lana Lane is a stripper who works in a local night club. For several weeks she has been teased and tormented by stalker Anthony Peters who says he wants to marry her and make her his slave forever. Lana is frightened and he is ruining her peaceful life. She enters her home exhausted after a long night of stripping. Her phone rings and it is him - the stalker. He tells Lana he is very, very close to her and suddenly he is behind her grabbing her in a brutal choke hold pressing a wet rag over her mouth and nose. Lana awakens in a abandoned garage in only for her tiny little thong and her strappy sandals. She is brutally hogtied - her arms are massively tied from upper fused elbows to her wrists with tons of thin rope. Her legs are also completely tied together from crossed ankles to upper thighs. The ropes dig painfully into her flesh. Bound ankles and bound wrists are fused together. She struggles to move but every movement makes the tight bondage more painful. Poor helpless Lana cries out looking around as panic sets in when she sees her stalker approach. He tells Lana to marry him and she shakes her head no. He gets down on the dirty mattress and begins to grope, fondle and manhandle Lana's bound curvy body then leaves her there overnight until she changes her mind and agrees to be his wife. When she still refuses the bastard releases her ankles from the hogtie and puts the poor girl in a super painful vertical strappado. Her crossed feet barely touch the ground and the sobbing Lana sways and loses her balance. She is now suspended by her wrists to the ceiling. The man applies clover nipple clamps and a ring gag. In his hand is a taser and he begins to shock Lana in an effort to change her mind throwing water on her to jolt her. She is left helplessly sobbing and swaying in the brutal strappado ...

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