14:31 video

Busty Pepper Sterling is a famous scientist who has discovered a formula for an indestructible bullet proof plastic.  A game changer for law enforcement.  The international mob want's that formula bad and I have been sent to extract it from the scientist.  I wait in the shadows curvy Pepper to exit her bedroom and I ambush her with a wet rag over her mouth and nose.  Poor Pepper stumbles and drops to the floor out cold.  I wake her up and she finds herself stripped down to her bra and skirt and bound to a wooden chair - elbows crushed together brutally behind her ankles crossed and bound.  Pepper refuses to give up her precious formula and I slowly peel down my panties and shove them deeply into her mouth sealing them in tightly with clear tape.  Pepper whimpers beneath her gag and I tell her she will cooperate before I am through.  I pull down her bra exposing her big tits and flash her a pair of nipple clamps.  These will make you talk missy.  I put them on her nipples and Pepper screams through her gag.  I pick up the chain connecting the nipple clamps and begin to pull it causing Pepper alot of pain.  Yes - it is time to escalate things.  I don't like a stubborn scientist one bit.  Lights out for you again Miss Pepper!!  Stage two coming up.  I untie the pretty Miss Sterling removing her from her chair bondage and I help Pepper down onto the floor.  I grab a long piece of rope and wrap it around her shoulders cranking the helpless scientist into a brutal chicken wing - her poor elbows pointing up to the sky!!  Pepper moans in pain and I tell her soon she will talk.  Pepper is sobbing like a baby and I know she will give it up very soon.  I push her on her belly and put her into a super tight painful chicken wing hogtie.  I roll Pepper over onto her side and watcher her struggle but her movement is very restricted by the horrible bondage.  I go off to search her home for the formula leaving the helpless busty brunette woman struggling - bound, gagged and sobbing. 

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