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Leggy redhead Sarah Brooke is a CIA trainee.  I am her instructor and it is my job to be a bitch and to ride these recruits hard.  My class is legendary and no one has ever passed.  I am extremely proud of this and I make sure these recruits know it.  They need to be toughened up before they go out to be in the field.  The fact that they fail doesn't matter - no one expects them to pass.  Sarah has been through all the training and is at the top of her class.  She made it to the last test in the program.  I call her into the building and demand she stand at attention since I am the superior officer and commend respect.  I tell Sarah this is her last test and that she will not pass, but she should learn what she.  Sarah doesn't know what to expect and I bad mouth her in a sergeant-major manner and put her down.  "Expect the unexpected you young dumb fool - are you ready?"  Brooke nods yes and I slowly pull a g on her and tell her to strip.  Sarah is confused and tries to stop, but I XXXX her to strip off all her clothing until she all she has on is her panties.  I remind Sarah that she should never be surprised and should expect the unexpected.  I take out some rope and tell the smart girl that she now must learn to escape her bonds and that this will test her endurance.  No one has ever escaped and I laugh at Sarah's cocky attitude as she yes ma'ams me.  I tie her wrists high over her head on a board and add a neck rope pulling it so that sweet Sarah needs to be on her toes to get some relief.  Next I add a super tight crotch rope splitting her pussy in two.  I rope her round tits in a chest harness and grope them roughly all the while taunting her.  I spread her legs and tie them off to rings on the edge of the board.  Sarah gasps as I put a shock collar around her neck.  I give her a few good jolts of electricity and she screams in pain as her body spasms.  She is making way too much noise and shove a rag into her big mouth sealing it in nicely with layers of elastic bandage.  Too bad you failed the last test Miss Sarah Brooks.  Now that she's effectively gagged and silenced I leave her bound and struggling on the board.  The next thing I know I wake up brutally bound on the cement floor with Sarah standing over me getting dressed.  She picks up her phone "I passed all the tests for the CIA an I am now fully operative"  I moan and struggle.  Sarah gets down on my level and tightens the knots and manhandles me pulling my pencil skirt up over my ass.  I told you I was on top of my class she tells me.  Too bad you didn't see me coming after all GiGi, but you've taught me well and you of all people should know to expect the unexpected.  

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