26:17 video

After a long night s of torment, curvy redhead Lana Lane is still resisting her stalker. Poor Lana is brutally tied to a chair - her arms are massively tied behind her back from upper fused elbows to wrists with a ton of twine ad her legs from thighs to crossed ankles also tightly bound with twine to a leg of the chair. The thin twine cuts painfully into her flesh and she is gagged with a ring gag - drool running from her open mouth.  When Anthony Peters returns he tells the helpless captive that he has a way to convince her to marry him. He drags me - her step-mother - into the room - arms painfully fused together with rope. Lana looks destroyed and moans and cries into her gag. He throws me down onto a mattress and ties my legs  crossed ankles to calves to upper thighs and joins my ankles to my elbows arching my body painfully. He puts clover nipple clamps on my tits. Lana begs him to stop and he asks her again if she will marry him. Finally Lana agrees! The stalker cuts the twine cinching her legs and he gives her a wedding gown. I cry out and beg Lana not to go through with this so he shoves a balllgag into my mouth sealing it in tightly with electrical tape. Then dresses Lana in the wedding gown and puts her into his car. After a while they return. We are married now says the excited man and we are ready for our first long night of love. He makes Lana kiss me goodbye and I lay brutally bound sobbing into my gag.


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