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I enter my home to find lazy brat girl Michelle Peters laying around on the sofa in her yoga pants and sports bra. I confront her about the mess and the pantyhose scattered on the living room floor and she just responds like the spoiled brat she is. She is so damn lazy and I am tired of her bullshit. I grab her from behind in with a hand over mouth and wrestle her down to the floor. I grab her arms behind her back and begin taping her wrists up. Layer upon layer upon layer of silver duct tape. I peel off one of her filthy smelly ankle socks and shove it in her mouth sealing it in real good by wrapping her pretty little head with more duct tape. Then I move onto her legs starting with her ankles and add tons of duct tape all the way up to her knees. Poor Michelle moans through her gag. I pull one of the pantyhose over her head squishing her pretty face under the stocking hood. I wrap more duct tape over her eyes in a blindfold. The tiny thing begins to cry as I lift her to a sitting position and start taping her shoulders. Nice and tight like a cocoon. Finally Michelle is completely mummified in silver duct tape and I have her feet in my lap so I tie her big toes together with thin twine. I tell Michelle she will soon be tickle tormented. I start on the wrinkled soles of her feet tickling them while poor Michelle is sweating under the tape and completely helpless and at my mercy. I tickle her relentlessly and Michelle squeals through her gag. Soon my girlfriend busty MILF Allura Skye comes over and takes my place on the couch. She is having a great time humiliating Michelle and tickling her bare feet. She laughs at Michelle's helpless struggling.  She laughs at Michelle's feet wiggling furiously under her fingertips. I could do this all day little one she tells mummified Michelle ...

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