Pretty blonde Reagan Lush is the daughter of a cop who has been trying to make detective for decades.  Finally he has a case that will win him the promotion he covets.  He made the case against a dangerous mob criminal - my husband.  If the case goes to trial, my husband will be incarcerated for a very long time.  I break into the cop's daughter's home and wait for her to tire of sunbathing.  When she enters in her tiny gold lame bikini, I hold her up with my g and XXXX her to back away.  I reach behind her television set and rip out a handful of speaker wire.  I XXXX the blonde beauty between my knees and brutally bind her elbows together with the speaker wire.  Mouth Reagan keeps threatening me that her daddy will arrest me, but I laugh and peel my lacey panties down my legs and shove them into her big mouth.  I wrap elastic bandage around and around her mouth cleave gagging the girl until she is silenced.  Reagan keeps grabbing at my with her hands, so I bind her wrists with the wire and then add a super tight crotch rope giving the poor thing a camel toe.  I don't think you'll be needing your bikini top any longer missy!!  I strip it off her and grope her nice big firm tits.  Reagan still thinks she has some control left and I humiliate that thought right out of her pretty little mind by bending her over ass up for some fondling and ass smacks.  I make the dumb bimbo lay down and I bind her crossed ankles.  Helpless Reagan begins to cry when I finish her off in a tight hogtie ankles to elbows.  The speaker wire cuts into her flesh and poor Reagan can't even roll over in the wire bondage. I am going to make your daddy change his mind about the trial now!  I grab Reagan's cell phone and snap several pictures of his pretty daughter in distress and in case that isn't enough, I dial the phone and hold it up to Reagan's gagged mouth so that daddy hears the muffled sounds and sobbing and agony coming from his precious daughter.  I tell Reagan I will return after the trial is forfeited by her daddy and I leave the helpless girl sobbing through her gag and moaning from the painfully tight speaker wire bondage.

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