24:38 video

My company has been searching for a warehouse location for the new government contract. I arrive at the location and begin by asking the seller Jim Hunter questions.  The man gives me a very high price for the building so I try to seduce him into lowering the rate. I sit on his lap and propose sex for a reduction in the price. I think he is open to my ploy but instead he jacks me up against the wall and begins tying my elbows together tightly. I beg and plea for mercy and warn him that my partner will be here shortly but he ignores me and manhandles me down to the filthy floor. He ties my legs together with massive amounts of rope welding them together from my crossed ankles to my upper thighs. The big brute keeps tying me and the rope is painfully tight. I offer him a blow job, but he laughs and lifts me up onto a chair shoving a big ballgag into my mouth. Soon I am brutally bound on the wooden chair. He wraps my head with many layers of duct tape. My partner Alexis Rain arrives and I try to warn her about the monster hiding behind the door but he quickly grabs her in a choke hold and presses a wet rag over her mouth. The strong women struggles to fight him off but the fumes overtake her and she's soon on the floor. He strips off her silk blouse and wraps her wrists and legs with lots of rope and she is thoroughly gagged. He hangs her bound body up to a hook in the ceiling. Her feet are completely off the floor and she hangs like a side of beef spinning as she struggles in the cruel painful suspension.  Next he hogties and blindfolds me. I roll around but my limbs are completely numb and I can't see a thing. Both of us cry and scream though our gags, but no one can hear us. We are left tape gagged, helpless and hopeless - one hung and one hogtied ...

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