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I was an accountant for the mob in New York and I stole a huge amount of money from them.  The mob now has a high bid on my head so I moved to Florida.  I know I need major protection so I contacted a secuirty company to hire a body guard to watch my back and keep me safe.  I am fully aware that the mob hitman is after me and I know he is the best.  I explain this to body guard Fayth before I hire her.  Fayth exudes confidence and she's extremely proud of her skills.  I hire Fayth on the spot and she leaves to pick up some clothes and necessities.  The mob hitman stalks Fayth at her home and ambushes her as she gets into her car.  He XXXX Fayth to lie spread eagle on the dirt.  He frisks her and demands to know my whereabouts, but Fayth refuses to tell him.  He is pissed off and shoves her into the car on her knees interrogating her.  Still Fayth doesn't break her silence.  He handcuffs her hands behind her back and wraps a garotte squeezing until Fayth finally cracks.  He drags Fayth inside and ties her up against a wall with her legs wide open.  She's brutally gagged so tightly that her face bulges out.  He continues to interrogate curvy Fayth until he gets the information he wants then shoves her down in a chair and binds her tightly with her legs spread.  He removes her gag and demands that she call me and tell me to meet her because she has information on the hitman. After the phone call he gags her again really hard and blindfolds her with duct tape.  The hitman isn't happy with the noises Fayth can still make through her gag so he grabs a satin blouse as a hood over her head taping another blindfold and gag.  I enter Fayth's home and the hitman is waiting for me.  He jacks me up against the wall threatening me.  He orders me to remove the hood from Fayth's head and then he orders me to remove my panties and gag myself with them.  Fayth watches in fear as this scene unfolds knowing that we both are in deep trouble.  The burly hitman crosses my hands tying them tightly then he crushes my elbows together painfully.  He adds more rope to my chest and laughs at my agony.  He makes me watch as he torments Fayth.  I am scared for our lives and I don't move a muscle.  I breakdown when he ungags me and I tell him where I've hidden the mob's money. He removes Fayth's blindfold and pushes her down onto her knees.  He XXXX me to watch as he slowly begins to wrap rope.  I sob as I watch poor helpless Fayth.  

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