25:16 video

Redhead MILF Fayth on Fire is dressed to the nines in a sparkling evening gown for her step-brother's commencement ceremony.  She can't wait to see him accept his award now that he's earned the county judge seat.  She laces up her strappy sandals making sure they are picture perfect.  Fayth poses in front of the mirror putting on lipstick and fluffing her gorgeous red hair.  She exits the bathroom and doesn't notice me waiting for her to round the corner.  I grab her from behind pressing a rag over her face.  Feisty Fayth fights and kicks trying to pry my fingers from her face but the fumes overcome her and it isn't long before she is out on the floor.  I drag her body out to the garage.  Fayth awakens totally nude and massively bound.  Her elbows are crushed together with ropes running from her upper arms down to her wrists.  Her legs are also brutally tied and secured to the leg of the chair.  Fayth sobs into her gag and struggles furiously trying to loosen the bondage but the ropes aren't budging at all.  I walk in and tell her that I will be calling her step-brother and she will tell him to pay up.  I unwrap the layers of duct tape and remove her ballgag then press the phone up to Fayth's mouth telling her to cooperate.  Fayth is nearly breathless from fear and the painful bondage but she complies and tells her step-brother to pay up.  Fayth begs me for mercy and as I begin to stuff the ballgag back into her mouth. She rubs her head against my tits and begins to tell me how much I turn her on.  I press her face into my tits and Fayth is pouring on the charm trying her best to seduce me and win me over.  She tells me how turned on she is and she sucks my nipples like she's never been so aroused.  I begin to fall for it and decide to untie her but first I fondle her pussy.  What!!!  Her damn pussy is dry as a bone - the bitch isn't turned on at all.  It's an act Fayth is playing to get me to untie her.  I am infuriated by her deception and I shove the ballgag back into her lying mouth and wrap many, many layers of duct tape around her pretty face.  I smack her face several times and then show her some serious nipple clamps.  Fayth screams through her gag as I apply them to her nipples.  I straddle her and smack the nipple clamps back and forth.  Poor helpless Fayth is grunting with pain and by this point her arms are blue.  I laugh at her misery and take pleasure watching the woman brutally bound and gagged, struggling and sobbing. Unfortunately for Fayth, her step-brother decides he won't pay the ransom.  As an upstanding judge and a pillar of the community he refuses to take part in an illegal ransom.  This is really bad news for Fayth since I now have to decide her fate.  I slowly walk up to my prey dangling a cord in front of her face.  I ungag Fayth one more time and she pleads and begs me to let her go.  I place the thin leather cord on her neck tightening it until her eyes roll back ...

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