24:27 video

Body builder Alexis Rain is strutting around in her living room testing her incredible six inch golden sandals.  She calls her friend while she's waiting for someone to arrive.  After a while, we XXXX on the door and the muscular woman opens it thinking we are her XXXX connection.  I barge in with my weapon pulled and my partner Anthony Peters jacks her up against the wall.  We demand to know where the XXXX package is stashed.  Alexis says it is a mistake for sure- she doesn't know anything about XXXXs I've been following her for a month and I know she is a XXXX mule.  We push her onto her belly and I handcuff her wrists behind her back and then cuff her ankles.  Anthony keeps her still by placing his foot on her back while I go look for the XXXXs.  We cannot find anything and so we decide to get serious with her to break her down.  We bring Alexis to an abandoned building and Anthony begins tying her legs with a massive amount of rope.  He binds her wrists and lifts her up to a hook in the beams.  Alexis is now painfully suspended high off the ground by her wrists.  He XXXX a ring gag into her mouth and wraps her head with layers and layers of duct tape.  We take a taser and shock the stubborn bitch.  The muscles in her stomach flex and spasm from the jolts of shocks to her body but Alexis doesn't appear to be broken yet.  Anthony splashes her with water to keep her fully awake and alert.  Poor Alexis hangs like a side of beef and her face begins to show signs of severe distress.  We tell her she will stay like this until she discloses where the package is but Alexis just shakes her head no.  Anthony & I torment her some more with the shocking machine and Anthony puts her suspended body in a brutal bear hug squeezing the air from her lungs.  I decide she will spend the night alone here and tell Anthony to take her down and tie her to a chair.  We are convinced that the body builder is involved in XXXX trafficking and that we can eventually get her to break down.  We go away leaving her bound and gagged and all alone.  Shall anyone ever rescue her?

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