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My son Miles Striker is on the phone bragging about having the house to himself for the weekend.  He's not aware that I am still in the house and is caught by surprise as I hand gag him from behind and take the phone from him.  I teasingly tell his friend that Miles will be tied up all weekend and can't talk at the moment.  I wrestle him on the couch so that I'm sitting side saddle on his lap, my legs crossed and my hand firmly clamped over his mouth while I tease and laugh at him.  He angrily gag talks and protests as I force him down onto her back and straddle his face XXXX him until he stops squirming.  The scene fades back in and I'm sitting on the couch smiling smugly at my son on the floor.  I taunt and mock the bound boy who's heavily trussed up in rope, arms behind his back while one foot rubs his package as the other foot rubs all over his face.  Miles mouth is stuffed with a pair of my dirty panties.  He writhes and angrily gag talks.  As I am lecturing him I straddle sit directly on top of his cock and keep a hand pressed over his stuffed mouth forcing the boy to nod in agreement to whatever I say.  Poor Miles doesn't know what to think as I am now sitting on his lap grinding and wiggling my hips on top of his cock taking selfies with my phone.  I lay down the law of how it's going to be from now on.  Poor humiliated Miles is thoroughly roped to a chair with a pacifier taped into his mouth.  I tease him commenting on the growing bulge in his jeans laughing about it.  I grab a vibrator and secure it to the crotch of his pants turning it on joking about how embarrassing it must be for him and how ridiculous he looks.  I sit back down on his lap toying with his cock then pace around him striking a few victory poses.  I watch as Miles gets more turned on by the intense vibrations and suddenly I turn off the vibrator right before he's able to cum!!

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