21:42 video

Super spy Reagan Lush has been captured.  She was caught trying to hack a crime boss's computer and was caught with his encrypted usb drive.  Reagan is being interrogated at an abandoned warehouse to get the encryption code and the details on who sent her and why.  I've been brought in to crack the toughened freelance spy.  Reagan knows she is in trouble but still puts on a hard front.  I intend to break her.  She's tied to an upright rack in her tight jeans and white t-shirt.  I am totally excited to see her and I look forward to t0rturing her.  I begin by asking her a few questions, but she refuses to talk.  I cut her shirt off and expose her belly punching her hard in the gut a few times.  Reagan gasps for breath, but remains tough.  I pick up my jumper cables which are sitting in a water bucket and I shock her belly and chest with wet sponges.  Reagan grunts from the pain and sweat begins to accumulate on her skin.  Still no answers.  I threaten her and give her more shocks and Reagan grits her teeth saying "fuck you I can take it".  I press the wet sponges against her bare skin until Reagan passes out.  She wakes up still tethered to the rack with wires wrapped in wet cloth wrapped around her wrists and inserted in her jeans over her hip bones.  I've applied nipple clamps with electrical current running through them.  I shock her for a long time and try to provoke her to give me the information I want but Reagan remains stubborn.  I continue to torment her with electiricty until she's out cold her body still in spasms from the current.  This time Reagan awakens with her arms tied to a winch in the ceiling cranked up high enough to put my helpless prey up on her tip toes teetering precariously with each foot on a paint can - a spreader bar tied to her ankles.  I punch her in the stomach to wake her up and as she gasps for air I yank her panties down and apply the wet sponges to her pussy and to the sides of her neck for a long time.  Reagan is the strongest spy I've had to deal with and I am determined to shatter the stubborn bitch.  I decide to escalate things.  I now have her tied down spread eagle with wires wrapped around her ankles and wrists.  I thin wire is wrapped around her tight abdomen and threaded up through her pussy lips and ass.  I give Reagan a long hard shock causing her bound body to jerk and bounce.  I can see the pain in her eyes, but the tough broad refuses to give in.  I run the current on high watching as her body rises up and drops back down with each shock.  I kiss Reagan running a finger across her taut belly saying "rest tonight sweetie,, we will start again tomorrow ..."

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