15:45 video

Miss Leya a hot blonde bimbo from England moved in next door to Nyssa Nevers and I.  We catch her tiptoeing up the side walkway peeking into our windows in her super short denim mini skirt, silk blouse and over the knee boots.  She's so curious about the men coming and going all night and decides to i introduce herself and question us.  We run a brothel catering to men with special desires and fantasies.  We spot the tall foreigner peeping into our living room and she asks about our conversation.  The gorgeous Asian vixen Nyssa and I nod to each other thinking she will be a perfect specimen for our unique client.  Nyssa grabs a piece of rope and binds the UK girl's arms behind her back while I unbutton her blouse and fondle her breasts.  We commend her sense of adventure and tell her we will give her a great American experience.  Miss Leya is so dumb she thinks this is all fun and games as I sXXXX a few pictures for our client.  Leya bats her eyes and poses smiling ear to ear thinking the XXXX are for her Facebook American adventures page.  We put the girl on her knees and add more rope binding her booted ankles together tightly.  Leya's English accent is adorable and our client is very anxious to get his party started.  Of course we neglect to inform Miss Leya that she is the new girl for our necro client.  She's totally clueless and that just adds to her appeal.  Nyssa straps a dildo around her chin and shoves the cock into Miss Leya's throat forcing her to suck it.  Leya is tentative at first, but Nyssa takes control of her mouth pushing the dildo all the way down her throat until Leya XXXXs and gasps.  Nyssa trains her mouth until Leya is ready to suck cock for a long, long time.  She withdraws the cock from Leya's mouth and gags the bimbo with lots of elastic bandage in a tight over the mouth gag until she is completely silenced.  We finish the pretty naive thing off in a hogtie and leave her sobbing and struggling waiting for the client to arrive and finish her off ...

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