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I've always thought that Nyxon was a very close friend and that she really liked me.  I heard through the gXXXXvine that she was having a big party for all the local girls and I assumed that my not getting an invite was simply an oversight.  I come over to offer my help setting things up and Nyxon doesn't seem all that happy to see me.  She offers me a drink and of course I indulge guzzling the wine down like a champ.  I ask for a refill and while I'm waiting the effects of the booze kick in.  My head is spinning and I am seeing double.  I guzzle a second glass and soon my words slur and I'm slumped over totally XXXX and out of it.  The next thing I know I awaken with my arms welded together behind my back.  A rope splits my pussy in two and my ankles are tied down to the legs of the bar stool.  Nyxon XXXX a ballgag into my mouth telling me that she didn't invite me at all, but now that I am here and completely helpless I will be the party favor for all her guests to play with.  She whips out a Hitachi magic wand and press it up against my pussy.  I moan and struggle as she maneuvers it all over my pussy.  Nyxon informs me that this will be my initiation into the in crowd as she laughs and taunts me.  The vibrations become too strong and my body betrays me by responding with a powerful orgasm.  I am so embarrassed and ashamed to be humiliated and I dread all the girls watching me cum and laughing at me.  I beg through my gag for Nyxon to stop but instead she inserts the vibrator into my crotch rope and leaves it there spinning the bar stool to face the door so that I am the first thing the girls will see when they get to her party!!! 

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