27:44 video

4'9" petite Raven is coming come after a fantastic party where she met many awesome people and a special guy who has fallen in love with her.  She's so excited and can't wait to tell me all about him.  Mom!!  Mom!! she calls out.  Where are you?  Raven looks around for me, but cannot find me in the house.  She hears some strange noises coming from the garage and goes there to see what is happening.  She sees a gruesome scene in front of her:  her poor mother horribly hogtied on the floor, lots of rope all over my body - elbows completely welded together and my ankles fused to her wrists.  I am heavily gagged with a ballgag and lots of duct tape securing it all around my head.  I frantically and hysterically struggle but my bound body is unable to do any movement.  Raven runs to free me but she is quickly overpowered by a masked man who wrestles her down.  The tiny girl puts up a good fight, but he is much too strong and soon ties her arms together behind her back and puts her in an excruciating and unbearable vertical strappado.  Raven cries and sobs and asks why he is doing this.  She begs him to let her mother go, but the masked thug doesn't care about her.  He XXXX a ballgag into her mouth then crosses her ankles and wraps her legs with miles of cinched rope.  He grabs the roll of duct tape and wraps eighht rounds of tight tape around her head.  Both of us are in full terror and despair.  We look at each other and at the man as we struggle and wriggle desperately but the pain increases from minute to minute.  Eventually the man explains why he is doing this.  He is the member of a criminal organization and he has been commissioned to find an American girl extremely flexible and suitable for t0rture to be delivered to a sadistic rich and powerful Arabian emir.  He has to test how much time the poor girl is able to stay in that horrible position without breaking.  He sits on a chair reading a book and looking at her and her poor mother for hours.  When night comes he goes away to XXXX in the home and switches off the lights of the garage.  Next morning he comes back to the garage where we are both out cold.  He wakes us up by throwing water on our faxes and tells poor Raven that she has passed the test and she is now ready for shipping.  He removes her from the ceiling and throws her over his shoulder carrying Raven away while I look at the scene sobbing in complete despair.

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