10:05 video

Fiona Sinclair is so excited.  Today is the day the banker comes and she signs for her loan for her new business.  The grand opening is this weekend and Fiona is just overjoyed about this new venture.  The banker Nyxon arrives with a snooty attitude and informs Fiona that her loan has been denied.  Fiona cannot believe the nerve of her bank and of the haughty bitch banker as she sits there completely stoic delivering the bad new.  Infuriated by this, Fiona grabs a wet cloth and presses it over the banker's face.  Nyxon struggles but the fumes are strong and soon she is XXXX.  She wakes up completely tied down in a chair - her elbows painfully crushed together.  Furious Fiona is standing over her demanding that her loan be approved.  Nyxon tells Fiona this is not happening and threatens to call the police if Fiona doesn't calm down.  Fiona laughs out loud as she stuffs Nyxon's mouth with a rag.  She wraps Nyxon's beautiful face with lots of layers of vet wrap until the banker is silenced to grunts and groans.  Fiona is having a blast taunting and tormenting the uppity banker.  She gropes Nyxon's big tits and sits on her lap.  She gives Nyxon a lap dance mocking her then she tilts the chair backward making the bound banker scream in fear through her gag.  Nyxon still refuses to adjust the numbers on Fiona's loan and this infuriates Fiona.  She grabs the banking documents, plants herself on Nyxon's lap and adjusts the figures herself doubling the amount and lowering the interest.  Finally satisfied with the new loan numbers she shoves the paperwork in Nyxon's bound hands and XXXX her to sign.  Fiona goes off to the bank to collect her money leaving the uptight banker helplessly bound and gagged.

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