18:08 video

CCCCCCCCCCCCBeing the neighborhood snoop, BBW Janel couldn't help but notice all the strange activity and noises going on late nights two doors down.  Trying to find out what the people have been up to, she enters the property snooping around.  Janel tip toes through the alleyway bending over to peek through the windows.  Her skin tight jeans straining to contain her large round ass.  She thinks the coast is clear and jimmies the door to enter the house.  Once she is in a hand covers her ace with a wet cloth.  Janel struggles but the fumes overtake her and she slumps onto the floor as I drag her further inside to somewhere more private.  The curvy girl awakens slowly and to her dismay and shock she realizes she is on a futon and she sees me going through her belongings.  Janel tries to get up but quickly realizes she is painfully restrained.  She looks down to see all of her clothes are gone except her panties.  Janel panics and tries to escape, but I have a firm grasp on her and I ask a simple question.  What do you know?  The poor thing is terrified and wants to know what is going on so I put my hand firmly over Janel's mouth and pinch her nose closed.  She frantically tries to get air and I release my hand causing Janel to gasp.  I ask again "What do you know?" but Janel still insists that she doesn't know anything.  I grope her massive tits and run my hands up and down her bound big body.  Janel begs me to release her and I taunt the dumb bitch explaining to her that I am a fixer for some powerful people and I've been hired to get rid of her. Janel begs and Janel's eyes widen in fear as she realizes what danger she is in.  Janel pleads with me when out of nowhere I shove a huge rag in her mouth. I wrap lots of microfoam tape around and around her head to seal the gag in tightly.  I laugh and tell Janel the fantasies of the many different and creative ways I have to get rid of her.  I leave to get the things I need from the shed while Janel screams and cries into her gag.  She spots her cell phone laying on a dresser and wiggles her way close to it.  Janel manages to raise her bound legs and XXXX the phone off the dresser desperate to get it into her hand to call the police for help.  I return laughing at the poor effort Janel made trying to escape as I feel her up and grope her body.  I add one more rope putting the bound BBW into a tight hogtie and take the phone as I leave.  I leave Janel freaking out as the helpless girl tries to get out of her bondage.

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