14:06 video

My good friend Sarah Brooke interviews newbie Sadie Holmes for a wrestling shoot.  Of course this is just a ploy to get the long legged pretty girl into bondage.  Sarah grabs Sadie and puts her in a few super tight wrestling moves causing Sadie to gasp for breath.   Sadie complains that Sarah is being way too rough.  Sarah maneuvers the pretty naive girl in a XXXX hold as I enter to help out.  I tell the girl I am going to tie her up to test her flexibility with some rope bondage.  We double team her - Sarah strips off Sadie's clothing as I bind her arms tightly behind her back.  The poor girl has never been touched by a rope before and clearly she is not happy at all.  She bitches that we've eliminated the possibility of her fighting back and we laugh and taunt her as I add more rope breaking her bondage cherry.   Redhead Sarah takes off Sadie's bra and pinches her nipples playing with her tits while I rope up her pussy with a nice tight crotch rope giving the bimbo a camel toe.  Sadie struggles and tries to get free, but the bondage doesn't loosen at all.  We tug at her crotch rope laughing at breaking her in.  Sarah stands and slowly peels down her panties.  She balls them up and shoves them into Sadie's big mouth.  I wrap her pretty face with many layers of elastic bandage sealing the panties in and effectively gagging her.  Poor Sadie's eyes widen in fear as reality sets in.  We roll her on her belly and secure her wrists then tie her ankles together.  Sarah continues to grope and maul the new model tickling her feet before I decide to add some twine to her big toes cinching it uncomfortably.  Poor Sadie sobs into her gag and we inform her she has passed the test!!  We lay down next to her and kiss her goodbye before leaving our helpless prey bound, gagged and rolling around the floor.  Well done Sadie - you're a bondage model now.  Welcome to the dark side girlie!!

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