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My husband is becoming more and more sadistic leaving me brutally bound in bed in the most painful way for his enjoyment while we fuck.  I'm getting tired of this whole bondage stuff and today is no exception.  I'm topless wearing my garter and stockings getting dressed for shopping with my good friend Fayth on Fire when Jim Hunter decides he wants some action before I go out.  He fuses my arms brutally tightly together with rope from my upper arms to my bound wrists.  I tell him to hurry up since Fayth is on her way over, but he doesn't care.  He stuffs a ballgag into my mouth and begins binding my legs together with massive amounts of rope.  I fondle his crotch with my foot so that he will hurry up and fuck me, but he grabs a roll of duct tape and wraps layer upon layer around my face.  He goes off to drink some beer leaving me bound and gagged on the bed.  I begin to panic because I know Fayth will be here any minute and I really don't want her to find me like this.  I am desperate when I hear Fayth come in screaming frantically into my gag but instead of untying me, my situation has the opposite effect.  Fayth is turned on by my body bound in this brutal bondage.  She gropes my tits and sucks my nipples and soon I am enjoying her attention.  I forget about the bondage as she strips off her silk shirt and gropes and fondles my entire body.  I watch her touch her own pussy and see that she is really aroused. I moan and wait for her to kiss me. Fayth takes her time exploring my body sucking and tonguing my nipples until they are hard as rocks.  She mounts me and massages my pussy and we really get into it with each other.  I've never been so turned on with my husband and suddenly I hear him walk into the room.  He grabs some rope and crushes Fayth's elbows together behind her back.  She tries to sweet talk him by offering to eat my pussy while he watches, but he is hell bent on tying her up.  He wraps her legs with many feet of rope and ties it excruciatingly tight.  He lift and carries Fayth from the bed to the floor and finishes her off in a super tight hogtie.  He leaves us both bound and captive as we struggle helplessly. 

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