14:53 video

Two cat burglars enter an abandoned building after pulling a big heist.  I give Luna Dawn props for finding this place.  Luna explains that the place is perfect since it is in the middle of nowhere and completely deserted.  She thanks me for my help in the heist and admits that we got off on the wrong foot since I am an old timer that should be retired by now.  Luna brags about being the new up and coming hot sexy most sought after cat burglar and thanks me again for putting aside my envy to get the job done.  I whip out a device and taser Luna into a deep XXXX.  Luna begins to awaken as I am finishing tying off her ankles.  She slowly realizes her predicament and demands to know what is going on and why she is naked and tightly bound on the dirty floor.  I laugh and call her a moron for not realizing that I'm getting rid of my competition.  Luna bitches at me to release her and I quickly tire of hearing her so I stuff her mouth with a huge wad of cloth making her cheeks bulge wrapping her face with vet wrap.  I still can hear Luna and I add layers of duct tape to shut her up.  The tattooed beauty is still a defiant bitch trying to curse me through her gag.  I inform her that she will soon be stuffed into the barrel with the lid closed shutting off her air supply.  Luna begins to panic in terror struggling frantically.  She struggles around on the floor trying to loosen the tight bondage and realizes she left her phone on the chair.  Luna slowly wiggles her way over to the cell phone desperately trying to grab it when I return.  I take the phone taunting her then roll the barrel up to her bound body.  Luna freaks out but she's quickly deposited into the barrel.  I look down at my helpless prey pleading with me through her gag.  I laugh and wish her good luck as I seal the barrel lid ...  

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