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My beautiful sweet Anastasia Rose is heart broken.  Her boyfriend dumped her for the uppity bitch girl Kendra Heart.  Tonight is the prom and now poor Anastasia is left alone without a date for the prom.  I concoct a great plan to teach the haughty little cunt a lesson.  I promise Anastasia that once we take care of the snooty Kendra she won't be arrogant any longer.  We sneak into Kendra's house as she's primping in front of the mirror admiring herself in her expensive prom dress.  I tiptoe behind her while she's distracted by her reflection and press a wet rag over her mouth and nose as I turn her towards Anastasia.  Kendra gets very woozy as we lift her up onto the bed.  We strip her gorgeous dress from her body leaving her completely naked.  I XXXX the bitch again and she screams and struggles but it is no use.  She's out and soon awakens cleave gagged with her wrists tied beneath her legs giving Anastasia easy access to her pussy.  Kendra struggles and screams as she sees Anastasia is wearing a big dildo.  She pushes the cock into Kendra's cunt fucking her and smacking her ass.  The bondage position is perfect for fucking the snotty rich bimbo.  I quickly tire of her mouthing off beneath the gag so I force a big fat dildo into her mouth and down her throat.  Kendra kicks and bucks but we are relentless.  I shove the cock in down to the balls while my daughter fucks the hell out of her laughing as Kendra XXXXs and gurgles on the sucking action.  We roll her over ass up so Anastasia can fuck her doggie style and mommy grabs Kendra's ass ramming it back and forth into the big rubber cock.  She has the nerve to call us trailer trash as we are double penetrating her.  Anastasia speeds up the rhythm of her fucking until Kendra is ready to cum.  Her body betrays her and she cums with abandon in an explosive orgasm from the hard fucking.  I XXXX her until she says she is sorry then regag her and hand Anastasia the beautiful red evening gown to wear tonight to the prom.  Kendra freaks out sobbing into her gag as bind her ankles tightly together and secure her bound wrists to them.  Anastasia puts on the prom dress and off we go leaving Kendra defiled and destroyed.  (Kendra Heart first time in bondage!!!)

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