12:30 video

I pride myself on being a very friendly neighbor.  I've been accused of being nosey, but truly I am just concerned for my neighbor's welfare.  I XXXX on Raquel Roper's door to see if she is alright since I frequently hear screams coming from her home.  She tells me to mind my own business and I am dumb founded by her attitude and attire.  She cracks a whip and I jump back.  She informs me she is a dominatrix and that the screams I hear are her minions when she torments them.  She demands that I get down on my knees and she cracks the whip within inches of me for reinforcement.  I quickly comply.  Raquel laughs as she straps a leather strap around my elbows buckling it so tight that my elbows are crushed together.  Then she grabs a huge ballgag from the floor and jams it into my mouth strapping it securely.  I immediately begin to drool and it gets worse when she wraps the whip around my neck choking me.  I gasp for breath.  The uppity femdom throws me down onto the floor and adds more straps.  Ankles, calves, knees and thighs are encased in leather straps restricting my movement substantially.  I scream into my gag when Raquel begins to get creative ... she removes my shoes and ties a thin leather cord around my toes tying it off to my wrists so that I am hogtied by my toes.  My bound toes are cruelly wrenched back and the pain is intense.  She uses the last strap for some bastinado beating my tender soles.  The dominatrix squeals with delight as she straddles me and wraps the whip around my neck for some insane breath play.  She places her booted foot on my back informing me that I will now be her owned slave  servicing her in any and every manner she desires ... 

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