19:13 video

Busty private investigator Gia Love returns home after a grueling day at work.  Out of nowhere I come up from behind her and hand gagging her.  I tell the PI to shut up and she won't get hurt if she cooperates.  She nods her head in agreement as I seal her mouth with a strip of duct tape.  I force her to the ground and bind her wrists together behind her back and follow with her ankles.  I run to the car to get more supplies and the feisty Cuban damsel tries to get to her phone on the floor.  She struggles and maneuvers herself over to it and rubs her face on the rug loosening the strip of duct tape so that it falls off.  Gia frantically tries to grab her phone to call for help but I catch her in the act.  I remove her shoes and socks and force the socks into her mouth sealing them in tightly with duct tape wrapped around and around her pretty face.  She's nice and quiet now so I help myself to licking and sucking her bare feet and toes.  Gia grunts into the gag clearly disgusted and humiliated.  I grab some more rope as she wiggles and struggles with her panties pulled down to her bound ankles.  I bind her knees together and elbows together tightly then inform her I am to blackmail her.  Tie to torment those toes!  I wrap the twine extremely tightly on her big toes and yank them backwards cruelly causing her toes to look distorted.  The poor helpless PI moans in pain as the twine is tied off to her bound wrists.  I lick her feet and toes a bit then inform her she cannot investigate my partner any longer.  We do not want his live streaming website to be shut down so I will now film her and if she breathes a single solitary word about his operation to anyone all of the pictures and video of her bound and gagged will be distributed to all of her coworkers and clients and her career and reputation will be destroyed!

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