15:44 video

A robber has been scouting out me and my daughter Chrissy Marie.   We had no clue that the thief was stalking us.  He waits for Chrissy to go to school so he can take me by surprise when I am alone.  He breaks in and sneaks up behind me clamping a cloth tightly over her mouth and nose. I put up a violent struggle kicking and punching at him, but he is too strong and eventually my body falls XXXX to the floor.  He pulls down my dress to grope my tits then gets to work quickly securing me with rope.  He ties my pantyhose covered legs then crushes my elbows together knowing I will struggle hard when I wake up.  When I finally awaken I am protesting loudly so he solves that problem by grabbing some duct tape to seal my mouth shut.  The robber decides to hide and wait for Chrissy and I panic struggling desperately in order to warn unsuspecting Chrissy not to walk into the trap.  Chrissy arrives home and is horrified to find her mother bound and tapegagged!  She is trying to frantically untie me and doesn't notice that I am trying to warn her about the man sneaking up from behind.  He grabs Chrissy and clamps the cloth over her face.  Her eyes go wide with fear as she realizes what is happening.  I am helpless to save my daughter from this cruel thief.  Chrissy's eyes roll back and she slumps down to the floor. He pulls out her tits roaming his hands over her body then gets to work binding her bare feet, legs, elbows and wrists.  I am freaking out violently kicking my bound legs at the robber, but my efforts are useless.  Chrissy starts to wake up and panic but this time he is prepared with his duct tape gag and slaps several strips over her pretty face.  He leaves us to search the place and we gag talk to each other trying to figure out a plan to escape, struggling around on the ground trying to loosen the ropes and help each other get free.  Will we succeed ... watch to find out!

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