11:45 video

Nyxon and I are going out clubbing tonight with her new boyfriend Jah.  Little does he know that as always we are bringing a large stash of XXXXs to sell.  We tell him to hurry up with his shower so he can reserve the VIP room and he yells out to Nyxon to grab his credit card and take care of the reservation.  She opens Jah's wallet and is stunned to find out that he is a DEA agent!  We realize he's been dating Nyxon to investigate our XXXX operation.  I hand her my silencer and as he enters the room she points it at him.  On your knees Mr. Mother Fucking DEA.  I grab some rope and tie his hands together behind his back as Nyxon pulls down her panties and XXXX them in his mouth.  I wrap his black face with lots of layers and thick electrical tape distorting his features.  Clearly he is having difficulty breathing but we don't care at all.  I add more rope around his chest to secure his upper arms to his body then bind his ankles.  Jah struggles on the floor and I decide to take off his sneakers.  I tie his knees together and tell him we are going to force some XXXXs down his throat and we plan the rest of our stash in his pockets.  We roll him over and tell him his career as a DEA agent will be over soon.  I grab a piece of thin twine and bind his big toes tightly together.  Jah grunts and moans and we laugh at his demise.  I finish the dirty bastard off in a hogtie, grab his wallet and dial 911 leaving him gagged, bound and helpless for the cops to find with all the XXXXs in his possession!  

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