11:10 video

Beautiful blue eyed brunette Kendra Heart is browsing through a John Willie book and is mesmerized by the images of women in bondage.  She lays on the bed in her sexy lingerie fantasizing about being a damsel in distress.  Those thoughts are getting her pussy soaking wet so she puts the book down and begins pleasuring herself but it is not helping because she's wishing she can be put into peril like the women in the book.  Then out of nowhere a dark fairy appears to our heroine.  I tell the pretty young thing that I am hear to grant her wish.  I begin to explain the requirements of the wish granting but Kendra is so horny and impatient that she tells me to wave the magic wand.  Magically Kendra is now completely naked and tied up - arms bound behind her back, a tight chest harness, legs frogtied and a super tight crotch rope buried deeply into her pussy.  Helpless Kendra is well gagged as well and the crotch rope is slowly stimulating jer clit.  I leave the room and Kendra begins to test her bonds moaning in excitement.  She starts to play damsel struggling in her bonds.  The friction of the rope on her pussy causes Kendra to release a huge orgasm and suddenly she can't stop cumming.  This isn't fun anymore and she screams into her gag.  Her roommate Anastasia Rose comes home and finds Kendra bound and cumming.  She notices the book on the floor and picks it up.  Adorable Anastasia pulls out a vibrator and begins to work on Kendra until she explodes in a monsterous orgasm.  Anastasia leaves her friend and I return laughing at her peril and her inability to stop the magic crotch rope.  I attach the vibrator to her crotch rope and it's now pulsating her clit.  I wave goodbye leaving my helpless victim is orgasmic agony.

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