10:29 video

I've been back to the auto repair shop four times and my car still isn't ready.  The two mechanics keep telling me that they are waiting for parts, but I don't see my car on the lot.  I threaten to report them and suddenly the bald older guy Jim Hunter grabs me by the neck and holds me still while his tattooed partner ShinyBound stuffs a big rag into my mouth and wraps layers of duct tape around and around my face.  I kick at the and try to stomp with my stiletto heel, but they are so, so strong.  I feel my arms being slammed together behind my back and roped up with my poor elbows crushed together.  I try desperately to grab at the inked up guy with my free hands, but the elbow rope restricts my mobility and I can't reach his face to claw at it.  He binds my ankles while the other burly bastard ties my wrists together and I scream into my gag.  My knees are bound and the bearded thug wraps rope around my shoulders.  I have no idea what he is doing back there until he yanks my bound arms up into a cruel and painful chicken wing.  The ropes dig into my flesh and I begin to sob helplessly.  The next thing I know he XXXX me to hop across the floor then lays my bound body down on the filthy cement floor.  I use my thick legs to struggle and kick, but the rope is extremely tight.  The bald creep manhandles me then yanks me up into a tight hogtie attaching my bound elbows to my ankles.  I see a flash of metal and the next thing I know he's put a clothes hanger onto my nipples.  I scream at the pain and he yanks my brutally bound body up to my knee points and I begin to sway fearing that I will face plant.  Finally he lays me down and the cold floor and off they go leaving my bound and gagged suffering in the insanely tight bondage.

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