14:07 video

Carmen Valentina and I are investigating a house which is best known as a hotbed of paranormal activity.  The series of unexplained disappearances goes back for years related to a mysterious figure reputed to haunt the house.  We decide to split up each taking one side of the house.  Carmen is making her way down a hall sweeping it with the EMF app on her cell phone when a black gloved hand reaches out curls over her mouth and snatches her out of sight.  Carmen wakes up slowly discovering that she's tied to a chair, gagged and completely nude except for her panties, pantyhose and shoes.  She struggles when the figure comes up behind her sliding a hand around her throat while his other gloved hand is caressing her breasts, nipples, belly and running his fingertips along her legs and rubbing her pussy..  Despite herself Carmen is beginning to get turned on.  He takes a long cloth and places it against the voluptuous beauty's throat wrapping it around his clenched fists.  Carmen chokes and struggles trying to warn me but the ghostly black figure disappears as I approach.  Carmen makes relieved noises through her gag and I start to untie her but I quickly realize that I'm getting hot and bothered watching the pretty girl struggle.  I kiss her on the gag then move down her bound body to her big natural tits sucking and licking her nipples.  We both start getting in to it but quickly remember where we are and come to our senses knowing we need to hightail out of that haunted house ... but I decide to leave poor helpless Carmen there!

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