20:11 video

Busty blonde Reagan Lush is the toughest spy I've ever had to break.  Despite all the interrogation not to mention the hours of torment, Reagan remains determined not to cave.  After several nights spent alone in the abandoned warehouse Reagan is a disheveled mess.  Tonight I have her bound kneeling on a pallet with her arms bound over her head.  The tens unit pad are attached to her big tits and they are spasming from the high current.  I show Reagan my nipple sucker devices before blindfolding her.  I apply them tightening the suction so hard that she begins to lactate drips of milk.  I laugh as she screams.  Her nipples are being sucked and stretched and clearly the spy is in total agony.  The beauty curses and sobs but still refuses to talk.  I manipulate the current on the tens unit and her tits are literally dancing from the electrical play.  Poor Reagan breaks out in a sweat but still she won't give up any information.  This is one stubborn spy.  Her tits jump and spasm uncontrollably and I do believe she will finally talk.  I'm getting bored with the tit torment so I yank the German nipple suckers off her tits leaving her nipples so engorged.  I pull, twist, squeeze and stretch them and manhandle her smacking her tits back and forth as Reagan gasps for breath.  I grab her by the throat and slap her across the face demanding to know where the flash drive is but Reagan remains steadfast.  I apply the electric nipple clamps so that the electro torment on her tits continues.  I slap her tits aggressively and whip her belly.  Still not a word out of the spy.  I bring in the violet wand and use it all across her naked body focusing  on her clamped tits.  Reagan is sobbing like a baby so I decide to cool her off with some ice.  I rub the ice all over her abused body and laugh at her agony.  I bring out a vibrator and force Reagan to orgasm multiple times while the electric still rushing through her tits.  Finally the spy collapses from pain and exhaustion.  I remove her blindfold and tell her I will return in the morning to continue ...


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