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Rich heiress Aubree Lane has plans to travel the world after inheriting all her grand daddy's money.  She's packed and ready to leave on the tour of a lifetime and answers the XXXX at her door thinking it's her limo.  Instead it is me, Aubree's long lost auntie who she hasn't seen or heard from in years.  Of course I know all about the young brat's inheritance and I plan to get my hot little hands on every penny of it.  Aubree hesitates when I question her about the amount but I am determined to convince her my only concern is to help her.  Suddenly I jab her in the ass with a syringe and the poor thing begins to stumble and she lands on the couch out cold.  I drag her into the bedroom and tie the girl up with her legs spread wide open and her wrist bound above her head.  Aubree struggles and protests as I grope her body informing her that I've drawn up papers making me her legal guardian in charge of all her money.  All she needs to do is sign.  I figure that if I keep her as my bound captive for several days she will see things my way. I manhandle her bound body some more then add a tight crotch rope burying it into her pussy o that her lips bulge in her panties.  Aubree is clearly pissed off but there's not much she can do now.  I peel down my silk panties and force them into her big mouth sealing them in tightly with elastic bandage.  I leave the dumb bimbo to become good and hungry but she's already managed to get her wrists unbound trying desperately to escape.  I tie her wrists behind her back making sure the knots are placed where the rich little thing can't get to them then I add a tight neck rope so that every time Aubree struggles she XXXXs herself.  No doubt the girl will see things my way after being left bound and gagged for a few days ... 

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