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Vicky Vixxx and I fall onto the couch kissing and fondling after I pick her up at the bar and bring her home.  Before things get too hot I ask Vicky about her work as a popular reporter.  I question her about the story she spoke about in the bar.  Vicky brags that breaking this story about the elusive assassin that the police are looking will sky rocket her career.  She confides that the police think the perpetrator is a male but Vicky knows for a fact it is a woman.  I stop her advances and suggest a little sexual game.  I want to play the evil villain who captures the sexy reporter and ties her up while she tries desperately to escape.  Just the thought of role playing a damsel in distress turns the blonde MILF on and she quickly agrees.  While I go off to get some supplies Vicky strips down to her tiny thong and begins playing with herself in anticipation.  I soon have Vicky totally tied up and she struggles suggestively having fun with the game as I feel her up and grope her pussy.  I tell Vicky that she needs to be gagged and being gullible she starts moaning in pleasure about becoming so helpless.  I shove a rag into her mouth and wrap tape around and around her head sealing the rag in deeply.  Vicky is now totally aroused by her predicament so I seize the opportunity to tell her that she shouldn't have come here without telling anyone because I am the person the cops are looking for!  I start to play with her body then exit the room with her belongings.  Vicky starts to struggle frantically to escape her rope prison.  She tries to get free but the ropes don't budge so she tries to scream but her sounds are muffled by the thick over the mouth gag.  She manages to struggle towards the door but I return and finish her off with a tight goat rope.  Poor Vicky's eyes widen in terror as I add the final rope.  I look down at my helpless prey gasping for air and struggling even harder to get free.  The sight of her in the goat rope turns me on so I pleasure myself to orgasm while watching her choking herself.  

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