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Gorgeous Carmen Valentina gets into bed for the night and as she closes her eyes she hears a noise.  Armed with her blow dryer as a weapon the voluptuous beauty checks her closet and finding nothing she returns to bed.  Again as she starts to fall asleep she hears the noise again.  She tiptoes into her closet and I pounce on her.  The next thing Carmen knows she's bound with her hands pulled up over her head and gagged with a cleave gag between her lips.  Carmen is still wearing her nightgown as she struggles frightened out of her mind.  I tell Carmen that I am here to explore all of her dark fantasies ... the ones she doesn't even admit to herself.  I slowly peel off her nightie leaving the curvy girl wearing only a thong.  I grope and feel her body running my hands up and down her beautiful ripe body.  I taunt poor Carmen telling her that I know all about her secret desires and I lick and suck her nipples making them harden.  I disappear leaving her to struggle and cry into her gag ... Carmen awakens back in her bed.  She pulls the covers and she's still dressed in her nightgown.  Carmen is relieved and thinks she was dreaming so she pulls up the sheets and closes her eyes.  Carmen awakens with a start!!  Something is wrong.  She struggles as the covers are pulled slowly down revealing that she is completely nude.  Her hands are tied in front of her held down by a crotch rope and another rope that runs around her waist.  Her legs are spread tied down to the bed posts.  She tries to sit up but her neck is tethered to the head of the body.  I enter and silence her cries with a thick cleave gag then I begin to slowly fondle her breasts and suck her nipples.  This is not a dream my pretty ... it is a nightmare!!!

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