15:00 video

My friend Terra Mizu is over and we are reminiscing about the first time she was at my house which turned out to be her very first impromptu bondage initiation with several bondage icons.  However it is just Terra and me having fun with bondage.  I really need to get better at my chicken wing hogtie and Terra has so graciously volunteered to be my bondage bunny.  I begin by tying her ankles and knees together as we chit chat and laugh.  I add a tight crotch rope just because them bind her flexible elbows together.  I compliment the lovely Terra on her flexibility and her big huge beautiful tits.  I can't help but to grope them a bit as I bind her up.  Neither of us gets to do much consensual bondage and this is a nice way to spend the afternoon.  After I tie her wrists, I grab my longest piece of rope and thread it around her shoulders then I bring the rope around her waist and through her bound wrists and pull up on it cranking her arms into a sweet chicken wing.  Wow!!!  Her arms looks great in a chicken wing with her long fingers placed perfectly flat against her hips!!  We sit and I thank Terra for being so sweet letting me practice my technique on her.  I grab some matching blue panties and push them into her mouth.  So much fun gagging a cooperative damsel for a change!!  I add many layers of thick bandage around her face effectively gagging her.  The wide over the mouth gag looks amazing on Terra.  I help her down onto the floor exposing her curvy ass then lay her on her belly for the final rope ... the hogtie.  I proudly watch as Terra rolls around on my rug in my perfect chicken wing hogtie.  I tell her we need to leave her bound like this until all of our friends can come to see what a great job I did!!!  No doubt Terra isn't thrilled about having to stay in my bondage until everyone drives up to see it!!!   

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