40:19 video

I'm on with phone with my lover Fayth on Fire making plans to get together while my husband Jim Hunter is out of town.  I didn't realize that Jim hadn't left yet and he overheard my whole conversation.  He is furious at my betrayal since we only got married a few months ago.  I try to explain that I am not really a lesbian and that it's only a game.  He over powers me, drags me to the bedroom, throws me on the bed and tightly binds my arms and legs with massive amounts of rope.  Then he fuses my ankles with my wrists painfully arching my body.  He XXXX a large ballgag into my mouth securing it in with many layers of duct tape.  Jim watches as I struggle helplessly in the brutally tight bondage and waits for Fayth to arrive.  He drags her inside by her hair and overwhelms her.  He tightly and painfully ties her arms behind her back welding her elbows together with thin rope then joins her arms to her torso with more rope.  Fayth denies everything.  She cries and begs to be released, but Jim is furious and decides to bring her to a place where she will have to tell him the truth.  Jim drags her outside and throws her bound body into the trunk of his car.  Despite her pleading he drives off.  He now has Fayth bound with her wrists tied to the ceiling and her toes precariously touching the floor.  Jim removes her dress and begins to strike and beat her ass with various torment implements.  He also shocks her with a tazer and laughs as Fayth screams.  He silences her by shoving a big ballgag into her mouth and wrapping duct tape around and around her face until she is very effectively gagged.  Fayth kicks at him with her free legs so he crosses her ankles and binds them together.  He continues to beat her until Fayth faints.  He throws water into her face to wake her and threatens her.  Fayth is completely exhausted and confesses that she and I are lesbian lovers.  He leaves her hanging and goes home to begin my agony ...

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