17:03 video

Leggy brunette Sadie Holmes is all dolled up outside looking fabulous in her sexy leather crop top and skirt-garters peaking out and her red lipstick.  She's a lesbian bondage model who has an obsession with strict elbow bondage.  She's on the phone with me talking about a lesbian bondage party with lots of really hot girls elbow bound.  Sadie begs me to go with her, but I have family obligations.  She looks over at her brother's laptop and finds a bondage video of herself with her elbows tightly bound.  WTF - was her brother jerking off to her?  Sexy Sadie begins to get hot and bothered watching the video but stops to confront her brother.  What a naughty brothers he is stroking his cock to her.  Sadie mocks and teases him telling him to jerk his cock to her nylons and legs then leaves him high and dry and goes off to her bondage party.  It's the next morning and Sadie is fast aXXXX on the couch. She awakens with her elbows brutally crushed together with thin white rope.  There is cum on her elbows.  She recognizes the pleasant sensation of her elbows bound so tightly together but she can also feel an icky substance on her elbows.   Her brother's cum is grossing her out but she's totally distracted by the deliciously tight elbow bondage.  If only her elbows were bound a little tighter ... Sadie calls out to her brother and begs him seductively to tie her elbows just a little bit tighter so she can cum.  She agrees to let him jerk off to her if he will tie them tighter.  Sadie goes into total cock tease mode telling him kinky stories about the party last night s she encourages him to cum.  Sadie's own arousal becomes unbearable ... she needs an orgasm bad.  Now Sadie is strictly balltied with a huge red ballgag XXXX into her mouth.  She's squatting on the floor precariously balancing on her stiletto high heels.  The bondage is excruciating and her arousal reaches a fever pitch as she explodes in a huge orgasm.  She falls against the sofa breathing heavily as a second orgasm tears through her bound body.   Sadie is still semi balltied but she's no longer gagged.  She lies on her side on the floor her elbows covered in cum.  Sadie is exhausted but smiling blissfully.  She looks up at her brother and says now let's crank it up a notch - tie my elbows even tighter .. no!! I'n not joking - do it - NOW!!!

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