10:16 video

Local handyman Chester was hired to fix an electrical problem at my home but he didn't realize what he was getting himself into. I come into the kitchen as he was working and started to complain about how long it was talking him to fix the problem. When the handyman tries to hand me a bill for the shoddy job with wires running across my counter I become very irate and give him a piece of my Italian temper.  The foolish man contined asking for payment shoving his invoice in my face and I snap - pointing a weapon at him demanding that he get on his knees.  I grab some zip ties from his tool box and zip his arms together bhind his back cranking them paifully.  Next I bind his wrists.  He begs me to let him finish the job the right way, but it is too late for that.  I grab a dirty sponge from the sink and force it into his mouth sealing it in with many layers of thick electrical tape.  I zip up his knees and ankles and inform him he isn't going anywhere until he fixes every single thing in my house.  He struggles furiously and tries to wriggle his way out of the room.  I laugh at his feeble efforts to get away and I backhand him across the face.  I finish the dumb man off in a hogtie then get on the ground with him manhandling his bound body then I leave my bound and gagged helpless prey struggling as hard as he can to free himself.

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