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Pretty Rachel Adams was an accountant for the mob in New York and she's been supoenaed to testify against them.  The mob now has a high bid on her head and she needs major protection so she hires my company to install a state of the art security system in her home.  Rachel is fully aware that the mob hit man is after her and she is frightened for her life.  The mob hit man stalks Rachel at her home and ambushes her as soon as I leave to work on the security system.  He grabs Rachel pointing a silencer at her head then XXXX her onto a chair.  The burly thug twists her arms up into a cruel reverse prayer and begins roping her up.  He is pissed off and he manhandles her cruelly as he ties her up. Poor Rachel is bound so tightly her arms quickly begin to turn purple.  He yanks her head back and XXXX a big ballgag into her mouth to silence her cries but the hitman isn't happy with the noises Rachel can still make so he wraps many layers of electrical tape around her pretty face ensuring she can't cry for help.  She's gagged so tightly that her face bulges out around the tape.  The hit man unbuttons her blouse and gropes her tits then moves on to tying her legs from her upper thighs to her crossed ankles with massive amounts of rope.  He adds even more rope securing her body to the chair as helpless Rachel struggles and sobs pitifully into her gag.  I'm completely unaware of what happened to Rachel inside as I inspect backyard to begin setting up the security system.  Suddenly the masked man grabs me from behind forcing me to lay on the concrete. He handcuffs me and shoves the silencer into my mouth.  He thinks that I am the witness and he marches me inside.  I beg for mercy saying I am not involved in this mob business, but to my dismay I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He demands that I pull down my panties and gag myself with them.  Rachel watches in fear as this scene unfolds knowing that we both are in deep trouble.  The burly hit man begins tying my arms painfully tight crushing my elbows together as he winds the rope all the way down to my wrists.  He adds more rope to my chest and laughs at my agony.  Once my legs are brutally bound he moves over to Rachel and lays her on the floor putting her in a insanely tight reverse prayer hogtie.  He makes me watch as he torments Rachel then he goes off to get the transport vehicle leaving us to await our fate.  We wait struggling knowing our efforts are futile ... neither of us will see tomorrow.

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