33:55 video

Fayth is the financial director of an important and large insurance company quoted at New York stock exchange. IRS and FBI suspect she has done some insider trading activity in order to get important and illegal stock capital gain. I have been assigned to go under cover to investigate since the feds know that Fayth and I were once good friends.  I invite Fayth on Fire over to have some hot lesbian sex like we used to do years ago.  We start making out and she licks and sucks my nipples.  I'm getting turned on and know I have a job to do and cannot get distracted, so I grab a wet rag and press it up against Fayth's face. Fayth fights me and struggles, but soon Fayth succumbs to the fumes.  Fayth wakes up brutally bound to a chair.  Her arms are painfully tied with lots of tight ropes from her upper elbows to wrists and her legs are bound in the same manner with massive amounts of rope tightly cinched.  Fayth awkens confused and unaware of what transpired.  She shakes and moans for many minutes looking around in terror, calling for help, but nobody is in sight.  After a while I enter the room and threaten Fayth with a long night of intense t0rture if she doesn't disclose how she obtained illegal advantages by insider trading. She defiantly refuses and I start to shock her bound body with a tazer.  Despite the horrible pain inflicted, she stubbornly resists and after a while she slouches over out cold.  I wake her up by throwing a glass of water in her face and restart the torment.  Defiant Fayth is steadfast and does not give up. I get frustrated and go off to bed for the night but first I gag Fayth with a huge ballgag and wrap her face with many layers of duct tape.  I leave her alone so horribly tied all the night. Next morning I am determined to make Fayth talk.  I remove her gag and continue to abuse her with the taser.  Then I grab a leather paddle and beat her.  Finally Fayth is completely exhausted and destroyed.  She caves and gives up and says that the illegal procedures are written in a pen drive in her bag and gives the password to have access to that file. I gag Fayth again and call the police to arrest Fayth saying that it is not so urgent because the lady is very securely tied and gagged.  Fayth desperately struggles to loosen the bondage as the sound of police sirens approach and I walk off leaving her ....

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