16:18 video

I am filming test footage of Camille Blackheart for a holiday TV ad.  Camille appears shy and a little timid but tries her best to perform. I ask her to strut towards to the camera, place her hands on her hips, smile and say "Hash tag sundown!"  Camille messes the first take and I wind up having to get her to do it over three or four times.  I am becoming frustrated.  Camille is embarrassed and apologizes but finally gets it right. I am shocked when she asks me for a wage increase for her work.  I fall to my knees exclaiming "not you too Camille. you girls are draining me dry".  At this moment I notice Camille's feet and quickly agrees to her wage rise if I can take a few pictures of her stepping on some money. Camille is a little shocked and weirded out by this request but proceeds to pose with one foot stepping and grinding on the money underfoot.  I take some pictures on my phone and am admiring Camille's feet before receiving a phone call. I ecstatically repeats what the person is saying on the phone.  I've inherited 10 million dollars!  Camille springs into coy mode reminding me on a past marragie proposal and offers her hand to me to put a ring on it.  Camille is sitting on my lap, giggling and says "Thank you for carrying me over the threshold honey"  I reply "You've worn me out baby. My heart can't take much more"  Camille senses that I'm weak and seductively stands and strips down to her g-string and bra.  I remove Camille's shoes before kissing her feet and toes.  After a minute of kissing Camille's feet, Camille stands up and pushes me down to the floor with her foot- pinning her down.  The next thing I know I am topless lying spread eagle tied down helpless and exhausted.  Camille places a high heeled foot on my upper chest and tells me she wants all my money.  She taunts and torments me laughing at my humiliation.  She continues posing with her foot on my chest for another minute before sitting on top of me. She places a hand over mouth and tickles my underarms then powerfully grinds up and down my bound body until my eyes roll back in my head.  She grabs a fistful of money and slowly walks off leaving me lying there.

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