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Pretty head cheerleader Lexi Lane awakens bound and gagged on the floor of a strange living room.  She doesn't remember how she got here.  The last thing she remembers is talking to a MILF at a party before everything went black.  Lexi pulls at her arms and can feel the tight ropes bite deep into the soft flesh above her elbows, crushing them tightly together and more ropes slicing into her slender wrists, fusing her forearms together behind her back. Her legs are folded with each of her ankles tied to her thighs in a tight frog tie. An old torn sheet has been pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. Lexi struggles to get up onto her knees and looks around the room trying to figure a way to escape. She pulls at the ropes but they are painfully tight and secure behind her back. The she hears someone approach and sees me - the sexy MILF that was talking to her at the party. I inform Lexi that she and her cheer-leading squad have been cruel to my son Matt and am going to teach her a lesson. Lexi begs and cries into her gag looking up at me as I call in her son into the room. Lexi looks up and recognizes Matt as the big dufus peeping tom who got suspended for spying on the girls gym locker room as school. I untie the gag and tell Lexi that she will be kept to service my son's sexual desires. Lexi begs and pleads to please let her go but I slap her across the face and tell Matt to sit on the sofa and undo his pants. Lexi tells us that we are crazy but her words are cut short when I grab her by the back of her head and force her mouth down on Matt's throbbing cock. Lexi XXXXs and gags as her head is pressed down and his cock is XXXX down the back of her throat. She can feel my hand in her hair forcing her to suck my son's cock. Lexi sobs and cries as I trash talk the pretty cheerleader as I force her to suck Matt's cock. Lexi pulls desperately at the ropes, but it is hopeless-she is totally helpless and at the mercy of our crazy family. She can feel the my stiletto heel dig into the back of her head as my shoe pushes down on Lexi's head to make her XXXX and slobber on my son's cock. Lexi can feel his cock grow bigger as it is jammed deep down her throat and Matt's muscles tense as he is about to cum. She tries to pull away to keep him from shooting his load down her throat but I won't let her come up for air with my hand holding her head. Matt then shoots his load down her throat and Lexi can hear me praise my son for a job well down. We finally let her lift her head from his cock and breathe ... Lexi turns to watch ass I remove my panties and then to her XXXX I force my wet panties deep inside Lexi't mouth. I tell her that we are not going to let her go, she is going to be kept bound and gagged as Matt's cock sucking slave. I also tell Lexi as she gags her that she is also going to be eating some old lady pussy from time to time as well. Lexi begs and cries into her gag as I tie another rope around her tiny waist then pull the rope down between her legs and bury it deep in her panties. The crotch rope splits Lexi's pussy in two then it is run up between her bound wrists and then back down between her legs. Lexi's hands are pinned tight against her ass making her totally helpless. I then sit on poor Lexi's head pressing her pussy against her face and tells her to get used to the smell. We laugh as they leave poor cheerleader  Lexi bound, gagged and helpless on the floor. 

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