43:11 video

Gorgeous redhead Misty Lovelace has been captured and left helplessly struggling with her hands cuffed high up over her head.  Misty hears the ominous sound of the winch cranking as it completely stretches her beautiful body until she is precariously balancing on her tip toes.  Pretty Misty is cleave gagged with a bandanna tied tightly between her teeth to muffle her cries.  Her ankles and knees are also bound together with leather cuffs and straps and she struggles and moans desperate to find relief from this strenuous stretched position.  Out of the corner of her eye she sees the roasting rack being set up for the main event and helpless Misty understands that there is no escape from the peril that awaits her.  Next she finds herself laying on the grill and she groans in pain as the winch is slowly cranked stretching her bound body to its' limits.  Her arms are totally stretched parallel to each other and her movement is severely limited by the intense stretch from the winch.  The captive prey moans and cries pitifully into her gag as she realizes she is stretched so tightly that she is barely able to move.  Misty flexes her muscles as she pulls on her restraints growing weaker and more and more distressed as the minutes pass every so slowly.  The red heat beats down on her shimmering skin.  Her bound body is covered in cooking oil and sweat beads up all over curves.  Poor Misty sobs, squirms, sweats and suffers so helplessly as she is slowly roasted to perfection.

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