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I went for a visit to New Jersey for a couple of weeks to visit some old friends of mine from when I lived there and I left my husband Jim Hunter at home because he was busy with various jobs. There was a blizzard expected to hit New Jersey so I decided to return home two days earlier than expected but I did not tell Jim because I wanted to surprise him. When I walk into the house with my baggage I call Jim but no one answers.  I walk around the house looking for Jim and when I go to the bedroom I see someone in my bed completely covered with a blanket.  I think it's Jim and call out to him to wake up but nobody answers.  Then I approach the bed shake him and remove the blanket and to my surprise I find a woman completely naked except for her tiny thong and horribly tied with miles of ropes - arms and legs hogtied and her body is painfully arched.  The curvy blonde MILF Vicky Vixxx is also gagged with a very large ballgag. A crotch rope digs deep in her pussy and she looks distressed.  She starts grunting and hysterically shaking. I am completely stunned by the situation and remove her gag to ask who she is and what she is doing in my bed so tied up.  After some hesitation she confesses that she is a call girl escort and that she was hired by Jim.  After having sex with him she wanted to leave but Jim became crazy and decided to keep her against her will.  She tells me it's been days that she lies completely bound and gagged and that Jim unties her legs just to have sex and to take her to the toilet or to eat and drink.  I'm terribly devastated and angry and start insulting her by saying she's a dirty whore and Jim is a lousy pig.  She begs and implores to be untied and says she will go away forever!  Instead of untying her I think of revenge and begin to t0rture her first applying nipple clamps then beating her with a paddle and then tormenting her with a taser applied to her pussy.  After a while Jim arrives and is furious at what I am doing but I am also furious at what he did. We fight and I kick at him but he overwhelms me and ties my arms and legs crushing my elbows painfully together.  Then he hogties me and throws me on the bed near the whore. He leaves us saying that now we can now safely discuss this between us since we are both so brutally bound.  We continue to quarrel and insult each other until Jim comes back and says he is tired of hearing our screams. He gags us both with big ballgags and many duct tape layers turned around our mouths. Eventually he also blindfolds us and leaves us to agonize helplessly for hours. We struggle hard but cannot get close to untie each other and even if I had succeeded I would never have untied the whore.  I preferred to remain so painfully and helplessly bound knowing that she was suffering even more than me!

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