15:23 video

Sultry Sadie Holmes is naked on the carpet.  Her wrists are cuffed tightly with hinged cuffs behind her back and the wrist cuffs are attached to a thick chain which circles her waist.  Her elbows are tightly cuffed together and padlocked so there's no escape from the metal digging into the soft flesh of her upper arms.  Sadie's big toes are cuffed together and her ankles are shackled tightly with another padlock restricting her movement.  Her long lovely legs are bound together with leather straps.  Sadie moans through her ballgag which is attached to the leather head harness encasing her head.  This head harness has an x shaped XXXX strap that's been secured tightly across poor helpless Sadie's throat restricting her breathing.  The long legged beauty struggles and moans into her gag.  Drool runs like a faucet from her mouth and clearly Sadie is distressed.  I watch from afar and decide how I can make Sadie suffer even more.  I grope her body and roll her onto her belly then put her in a hogcuff with a short chain connecting her cuffed ankles to her cuffed wrists.  Sadie cries out in pain but I have worse in store for her.  I use another chain to attach the ring on the head harness to her ankle cuffs pulling her hea back.  Sadie's eyes look around and beg for mercy, but I have none.  I watch as she suffers and struggles to breath knowing that her breath is very, very limited with her head pulled back so severely that the XXXX strap cuts into her throat.  I walk away leaving my prey in distress wondering if each breath will be her last ...

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