13:54 video

Sexy blond Reagan Lush is the daughter of a very rich man.  I am determined to get access to his overseas bank account by capturing his pretty daughter and tormenting her until she gives me the information.  I have the blonde bombshell bound standing against to a wooden plank and she's been here all night dressed in her skimpy green micro bikini with the top stretched so tight with her big tits almost busting exposing her nipples.  I enter the abandoned warehouse where I have her stashed dressed in a skin tight black leather outfit.  I smack her across the face startling her.  I begin the general interrogation and she refuses to talk.  I poke and prod at her taut belly and belly button with my long sharp fingernails then belly punch her a bunch of times until she gasps for breath.  She claims she doesn't know the information and I don't stop tormenting her belly.  I apply the tens unit pads on her belly and start with a low setting as I question her.  Still the stubborn bimbo refuses to give up any information.  I jack the speed up until its high and soon she goes out.  When the big tit blonde awakens the plank is now a table top and Reagan is on her back still stretched and bound in a T.  The electrical pads already on her belly I wake her giving her another chance to talk before I begin. When she refuses I change the settings to cause the electricity to force her belly out and back in.  The poor helpless girl is breathless and begs and pleads for mercy but I am determined to get her to tell me where her daddy has his money stashed.  I turn the unit on and slowly jack up the strength until Reagan is sobbing and her belly undulates in pain.  I realize she doesn't know the information and I am furious at the time I've wasted trying to get this bitch to crack.  I crank the speed up to full power watching her body jerk and spasm for a few minutes then leave her alone to suffer ...

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