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Pretty Rachel Adams is the house maid of a rich woman. She has been allowed by her landlady to go to a party and has generously lent Rachel a very elegant black dress and very sexy black strappy sandals which Rachel has tightly laced all around her legs. Rachel is very excited about this opportunity and she checks herself out in the mirror admiring herself in the awesome dress and her stiletto heels before heading to the door. All at a sudden a masked man enters in the room and overpowers her in a tight XXXX hold pressing a cloth over her face.  Rachel kicks and struggles but soon she's down for a XXXX.  Rachel wakes massively tied to a chair outside in an unknown location.  An incredible amount of rope tightens her arms with elbows fused together and her crossed ankles are secured to a leg of the chair. She's gagged with a large ballgag secured to her head with many layers of silver duct tape wrapped around her face. The poor helpless girl is alone.  She looks around and starts to struggle hysterically and sobbing but no one can hear her. Her eyes widen in fear and frustration.  After a very long time Jim Hunter and I enter and take many pictures of Rachel.  We tell her that we are sending the pictures to her rich husband to convince him to pay us a large ransom.  I grab Rachel's phone and send the photos to the rich man as my partner taunts and grope the bound girl.  We still think she is the rich bitch of the house and we tell Rachel how much we hate rich people and that they are the ruin of the country.  The poor girl is in complete despair, pain and frustration pleading with her eyes.  We want revenge on the rich people so we begin to t0rture Rachel.  First my masked partner in crime begins with her nipples applying nipple clamps and laughs as she screams in agony through her gag.  I apply a tazer on her body parts and then begin strikiing her with a paddle and a crop.  We leave her bound, gagged and suffering planning to return in the morning after her ransom is paid.  The next morning I return and wake the girl up.  I am furious because the rich man informed me that our captor is not his wife but merely his maid.  He laughed at our mistaken attempt at ransom and refused to pay anything for Rachel's life.  I am incredibly angry and upset because the girl has seen our faces. Her destiny is now marked.  Rachel struggles desperately wondering if this day will be her last.

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