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Adara Jordin walks in to my home geared to do some private yoga instruction.  I found her on Craig's List and she's ready to get started . She asks me if I want to get changed into something more comfortable before we start.  I inform her I just want to watch.  She thinks that means she'll be doing yoga with my husband Jim Hunter. We laugh and tell the curvy yoga girl that we want to watch her doing some yoga poses.  This screams weird to Adara and she says no then turns to walk out the door when Jim jabs a syringe into her ass and soon she's XXXXping.  I strip her of all her yoga apparel leaving her stark naked as Jim starts tying the dumb bimbo up.  I grope her body as he adds more rope.  The poor thing starts to wake up as I'm tying her ankles so I straddle her bound naked body and smack her face to wake her all the way.  Adara starts to cry and I demand that she plays with me.  I grab a huge dildo and force the whole thing into her mouth making her swallow the cock.  I hold her head while I face fuck her.  The poor thing XXXXs and gags on the cock but I quickly tire of that and I start to suck her tits and force her to make out with me while Jim adds a neck rope.  I tell Adara I want to see her yoga positions and I taunt her until she's sobbing like a baby.  We drag her by the neck rope and put the curvy girl in a super tight goat rope arching her back up painfully.  I continue to kiss her and reassure her of how much fun we are having while my husband yanks and tugs the goat rope making Adara XXXX and spit.  It doesn't take long for her head to turn a bright red and she's begging for mercy.   She offers us money to let her go but instead I go down on her lapping up her pussy juice.  She begs and sobs.  If you can talk you can breathe missy!! I tell her the break is over and Jim decides to escalate things by watching me XXXX the girl by placing my stiletto heel on her jugular.  Adara is clearly in distress but we are having a great time with her.  Didn't you know that the couple who does yoga together stays together?  We laugh and change up the goat rope incorporating it into a brutal toe tie.  The goat rope is now bow string tight and Adara pants and gasps like a wounded dog.  I shove a finger or two up her ass and watch her buck like a bronco then decide she needs to be gagged.  My husband XXXX a big sponge into her mouth then wraps her face with thick tape until she is reduced to grunts and moans.  I give Adara a loving kiss and several hard ass smacks then leave her brutally and helplessly bound & gagged desperately strugglingbond to get in a position where she can breathe.  

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