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JJ Plush was staying at a local beachfront hotel for a few days so Jim Hunter and I went down to have dinner with her.  After dinner she took out her rope and began tying me up after shoving a big red ballgag into my mouth.  My elbows were tightly crushed together and JJ taunts me about coming on to her man.  Of course I deny everything but calls me a slut and holds my head still as she kisses my ballgagged mouth.  JJ wraps my face with many, many layers of duct tape as I stomp my heels in protest.  She ties my arms off to a post so I can't run away then has some fun groping my tits.  I struggle in the chair but I can't loosen any of the ropes.  JJ takes some selfies of us then pulls me up and makes me hop over to the bed and lays me down then peels off her panties.  She un gags me and I beg for mercy but she stuff her panties into my mouth sealing them in with tons of vet wrap then watches as I struggle on the bed.  She adds even more vet wrap effectively gagging me then pits me in a tight hogtie and adds even more vet wrap.  JJ removes my high heels and puts them on her feet using them to poke at my bound bound and pantyhose feet.  When JJ tires of taunting me she tells the Hunter to take over and he begins to fuck with me by moving my bound body to the edge of the bed threatening to let me fall of my face.  I curse them both through my massive gag but they laugh as the bald bastard lifts me up onto my knees and lets me fall onto the bed.  He knows he's scaring the shit out of me but they both find this very humorous.  Finally they decide to un gag me and I say I want to go home ... they both know I am now role playing and he smacks my ass until I admit I had so much fun and wind up laughing my ass off.  

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