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Leggy soroity girl Iliana couldn't beleive what was happening to her. She was supposed to be at the homecoming dance by now but her crazy female Uber driver overpowered her and tied her arms in ropes, cleave gagged her and blindfolded her. I drive the poor frighten Iliana to an old abandoned warehouse. With her elbows crushed together behind her back her forearms are welded together with ropes around her upper arms and wrists she is pushed into the old warehouse by me. Iliana begs and cries into her gag as she is pushed blindly into the unknown. I stop and Iliana drops to her knees exhausted from fighting the ropes but I don't let her rest. I yank her back to her feet and attach her bound wrists to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Iliana's wrists are then cranked up behind her back. Finally I pull off the blindfold and laugh informing the conceited bimbo Iliana that I have a little suprise for her. I tell her that my son has been snubbed by the soroity and that momma has taken matters into her own hands to get my son a date. I call out for him and Iliana looks up to see the geeky unpopular boy from college. Iliana and her soroity sisters thought he was a real loser and would humilate the poor boy, taunting and teasing him around campus. But now I have taken revenge. I push Iliana to her knees and tell my son to show the girl his big cock. Iliana begs and pleads as he pulls his cock out. She can't believe how big it is. Her begging and crying are cut short when I grab her by the hair and push her face into his crotch. Iliana XXXXs on his cock as it slips down her throat. She tries to pull back by I maintain a very firm grip on her hair. Iliana poor shoulders are twisted up high behind her back and she is helpless to fight back as my son face fucks her I yell encouragement. Iliana XXXXs and gags on his huge cock desperately trying to breath but it is hopeless as the two of us easily overpower her. Iliana poor arms feel that they are going to be ripped out of their sockets from the cruel strappado and she manages to get off her knees but I keep my grip and won't let her stop sucking my son's cock. Finally he blows his load down her throat. Iliana coughs and XXXXs as his cum fill her mouth but I won't let her spit it out and force her to swallow every drop. Iliana is exhausted and as her arms are released from the chain she slips to the floor. But her ordeal isn't over yet as I gag her again and tie her ankles tightly together. Iliana can only sob and cry into her gag as her bound ankles are attached to her bound wrists in a cruel hogtie. She hears me tell her son that I am so proud of him. We leave poor Iliana bound, gagged and helplessly hogtied on the floor promising to return later for more fun

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