17:50 video

Beautiful secretary Carmen Valentina is sitting at her desk typing grateful that she's down to the last document.  I'm her boss and I show up with a new stack of documents for Carmen to tackle before she goes home.  She mutters "witch" under her breath and sighs.  After work she makes herself comfortable in the bed and closes her eyes.  She dreams about the terrible things she'd like to do to her boss until she suddenly awakens and realizes she overslept.  She runs to the closet to get her work clothes but when she opens the door I am standing there dressed as a witch.  Carmen thinks it is her imagination playing tricks on her and she begins dressing for work and is putting on her bra, panties and stockings when a hand grabs her ankle.  Carmen screams and the next thing she knows she is tied to a chair.  I enter as a witch playing with a flogger alternately fondling her and switching her with the flogger while the bound curvy beauty struggles.  I walk off and once again Carmen believes she is dreaming so she closes her eyes hoping when she wakes up this will all be gone.  Instead she's now topless and I am toying with a cleave gag.  I run my fingertips over her body paying alot of attention to her perky nipples.  I sensually fondle her breast and lick and suck her nipples running my hand between Carmen's legs.  She struggles but is getting turned on so she shuts her eyes again to make the dream stop.  She finds herself bound in a kneeling position and there's a hangman's XXXX dangling over her head.  I come in and blindfold the girl then run a goat rope from her bound ankles to her neck.  Poor Carmen rolls helplessly choking under her struggles become weaker and weaker and she's out cold ... suddenly Carmen sits upright in bed with a huge gasp grabbing at her throat eyes wide.  I'm alright - it was a dream!  Carmen grabs her clothes and rushes out of the room.

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