13:52 video

Mad scientist GiGi has captured Bella Ink to test my new Orgasm Enhancer serum. The serum can only be activated when the user is in extreme distress and peril and Bella is the perfect choice for my first demented experiment.  I begin the long walk to my laboratory with helplessly bound, gagged and taped Bella in tow. Poor Bella's ankles have been hobbled with rope and her lithe body is roped up in a tight harness lifting her ass. Her elbows have been jammed together behind her back and her poor arms are taped with thin red electrical tape in a brutally bizarre batwing. Even Bella's hands are mummified into two tiny taped up balls rendering them totally useless. Bella's pretty head in encased in a leather harness gag reinforced with black electrical tape. Her head is pulled back by the O-ring on the top of her head harness. Only grunts and sounds can escape her gagged and taped mouth and movement of her head is restricted. Bella's back bears the weight of a wooden dowel - each end supporting a red rubber bag filled with my precious orgasm serum.  Yes, it has been said that I am an insane scientist and I've attached tubing from the bags into crevices of Bella's body allowing the serum to drip slowly into Bella. The pain of the tape is excruciating and poor Bella moans with each step. I torment helpless Bella along the way releasing a few extra drops of the serum and pressing a cordless vibrator into Bella's pussy laughiing cruelly as each orgasm begins to build for Bella.  My poor hapless victim bucks and gyrates as the pressure builds in her pussy. I insert the vibrator into Bella's crotch rope and it becomes evident that the serum indeed works wonderfully as my victim is in horrible distress. Bella stops walking as a huge orgasm rakes through her body causing her to buck and shake uncontrollably. The vibrator falls out of the rope and this angers me.  I won't have my prey ruin my newest experiment!  I turn to Bella and tell her she will be spending the night in a dark shed. Bella screams through her gag and begins to sob uncontrollably as the reality of her fate sets in.

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